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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and food security through the use of greenhouse aquaponic farming. We use 53' dry van containers because they can be modified to maintain the environment perfectly and can be delivered almost anywhere in the world. We use a low-tech & high-tech approach to this concept to maximize a larger harvest. With the combination of aquaponics, hydroponics, and modern farming techniques we can farm thousands of pounds of organic fruits, vegetables, fish, chickens, and a large list of herbs. Year-round, no matter the weather! Each grow box container can be customized to fit a customer's need and budget and can be delivered pretty much anywhere truck deliveries are made.


Localized life-sustaining independence via healthy food production made efficient, for relatively low cost with minimal maintenance and use of resources. The idea is to make aquaponics extremely efficient and mobile in a relatively low-cost package. A food production system powered by the Sun and nourished by nontoxic fish waste. We utilize a solar panel array as a water catch to replenish the water system. We can use a fodder-growing system to grow animal feed on-site. Power is produced by Solar and stored in a minimal battery bank to operate a water pump, oscillating fans, a climate control system, and minimal backup L.E.D. lights.

The enclosed container makes for the best Mobile greenhouse after we remove the ceiling and replace it with greenhouse roofing material. Now we have access to utilize the sun's power. Minimal infrastructure is needed to provide the actual Aquaponic setup. A basic large kennel can be used as a chicken and bunny coop mounted underneath the container framework to maximize farming potential.  A gravity-fed feeder and water delivery system can be connected to

maintain the livestock with minimal effort.
The system can produce an abundant amount of organic produce and locally raised meat on a continuous basis.
The idea is to make these food production containers accessible to all.

The agricultural market is very large for on-site food production and the trend for going green, organic, and healthy is growing. So this is a timely venture with longevity because we will always have to fulfill the need for us to eat.

We have the ability to provide these containers to impoverished nations, low-income communities, charitable organizations, food banks, restaurants schools, hospitals the list goes on and on.
It is important for us to use this life for good.  We all do what we can to support our loved ones and those in need within our communities. Especially during uncertain times like these, we feel Aquaponics can play a vital role in repairing our faulty just-in-time food distribution system. Therefore, we promote it as one of the safest, greenest, most efficient, and most cost-effective means of growing our own foods. We're all about promoting self-sustainability.  Join Us!



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