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 Aquaponic Grow-Box Sponsorship 

Attention all community leaders and charitable organizations!

Free Farming Aquaponics is a non-profit promoting the Aquaponic farming method to help battle global food insecurities.


Are you looking for a way to promote sustainable living and healthy eating in your community? 

Our non-profit organization is offering sponsorship opportunities for our Aquaponic Grow-Boxes.

When you become a sponsor and Rally with Free Farming Aquaponics.

You choose the community or organization you would like to sponsor. Make it a Grow Box sponsorship, one-time donation, or monthly contribution. 


The Aquaponic Grow-Box is a self-sustaining system that uses fish waste to fertilize plants, while the plants clean the water for the fish

We set up & deliver aquaponics systems worldwide. We're currently promoting the aquaponic grow box model we install inside 53' decommissioned dry-van containers. A dry-van container makes for a perfect greenhouse because it can maintain the environment perfectly and can be fabricated & delivered almost anywhere in the world. We use a low-tech, high-tech approach to this concept to maximize a larger harvest. With the combination of aquaponics, and modern farming techniques these units can grow thousands of pounds of locally sourced organic food year around, no matter the weather. So there's really no reason for people to go hungry there are many solutions out there. Aquaponics is just one we hope that you support by becoming a grow box sponsor. We all do what we can to support our loved ones and those in need within our communities. Especially during uncertain times like these, we feel Aquaponics can play a vital role to help solve global food insecurities. So we promote it as one of the safest, greenest, most efficient, and cost-effective means of growing our own foods. Our Aquaponic units provide such an awesome solution that utilizes both ancient and modern farming techniques. This combination can help us feed ourselves and our community, on a small or large scale.



  • Aquaponics produces at least 10 times more crops in the same amount of space as traditional agriculture.


  • Uses 80-95% less water than traditional farming methods.


  • Consumes approximately 75% less energy than mechanized agriculture.


  • Produces its own nutrient-rich water, utilizing non-toxic fish waste as fertilizer, and does not require any chemical pesticides.


Here at Free Farming Aquaponics, we combine ancient and modern farming techniques to offer complete, customized Aquaponic units. These units are efficient, recycle water, and require low maintenance.

An additional benefit of this unique farming technique is the option to use ornamental fish such as Koi, or food source fish like tilapia, or catfish. Yes, each grow box can produce a large volume of locally sourced organic veggies herbs, and fish.
It's a perfectly secure way to grow fresh, organic produce in small spaces, and it's great for schools, community gardens, and even backyard gardens.

As a sponsor, your organization will be recognized on the Aquaponic Grow-Box and in all of our promotional materials. Plus, you'll be helping to promote green sustainable living and healthy eating in your community.

Contact us today to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how you can make a difference in your community.

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Let's Rally for Free Farming Aquaponics!

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